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you know you love me...

Everything in here is COMPLETELY, FICTION!

West Malibu Girls
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Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people, and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

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The world of West Malibu, a world where the most fabolous crowd live, with top fashion designed clothings, wild parties... How ever, not everybody in West Malibu live the lifestyles of rich and famous. In West Malibu, this is where it all happens. Share the journey through 4 young teenage girls, a very-beautiful-yet-not-so-b*tch, a dumb-bubbly-brunette, an heir-to-Versace also a fashion-designer-in-the-making and, a tomboy-who-loves-surfing!!!

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This Community, or Live Journal, or whatever you call it... Is just something I'm doing for fun... All the things you read in it is all... a BIG... FAT... LIE! Completely fictional, it's just like... this book I'm doing. And all the characters, was like based on these actors...

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Rachel Bilson-Jamie McQ
About Jamie:
Raised in the land of culture Malaysia, Jamie McQ thinks she knows about survival of the fittest. But the law of culture takes on a whole new meaning when the private-same-sex-schooled-14-year-old enters public high school for the first time and encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that teenage girls face today. But laters, Jamie is now the girl you can't help but stare at. Every girl wants to be her bestfriend and all the guys want to date her. And appareantly, she knows... She's living her life to the fullest, and loving every minute of it!
Jamie Quote: "It's hard being so beautiful..."
Gisele: Jamie, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say
anything at all.
Jamie: Well, if I follow that rule, I'll never speak again.
Jamie: I have an announcement: Nick and I have decided we're not gonna
talk about our relationship anymore!
(Everyone in the room claps)
Taylor: Hurray!
Alex: Bravo!
Gisele: *Shrug it off...*
(Jamie does a little bow)
Gisele: Like you don’t have issues?
Jamie: (smug) Actually right now my love life is totally trauma free...
Taylor: So lunch went well with Nick and your mom?
Jamie: Amazing, none of that manner The Killers chatter, or that incomprehensible The Hives mumbling, if Rock Music is the virus, Jamie McQ is the cure, he is the anti-guitarist right now.
Alex: Hmmm... (looks, gasps) Speak of the devil!
(Nick walks up behind Jamie)
Jamie: Nick with his ripped jeans?
Alex: Nick, with normal jeans...
Jamie: Right, great, better (turns around) Hey!
Nick: Hi! (Jamie hugs him) Oooh (laughs) that’s a firm hug...
Jamie: (smiles) Sorry Ducky...
Nick: ...Ducky?
Jamie: (to her friends) We have nicknames (They look at Nick)
Nick: We do?
Jamie: Yesss
Taylor: (smirks) Ducky, that's-that's cute...
Jamie: So anyways Ducky, Taylor here is totally bumming out because she doesn’t have anyone in her life as perfect as you...
Taylor: Thanks, McQ... (starts walking, Nick and Jamie follow. Gisele and Alex trailed behind them giggling)
Nick: Well I know lots of eligible bachelors, you want me to set you up?
Taylor: (laughs) Oh no, that’s ok, really, i'm fine...
Jamie: (to Alex) Are you kidding me, him with the tattoo and you with the wristband that’s like the ultimate wrong side of the tracks love story. Seriously you are the Sid to her Nancy, Kurt to her Courtney, Fifty cent to her... Mrs. Cent.
Jamie: Oh don’t worry Chanel, Dean (raises her eyebrows) and I 'll sleep just fine, thanks (walks off)

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Mariaclara Boscono-Taylor Freydel
About Taylor:
Taylor Freydel, moves into West Malibu under the authority of her strict parents, Felipe & Rafaela, yearns for her independence. But rites of passage aren't all that easy when you live with a lecturer *dad, Felipe*, and a clean-freak *mom, Rafaela*! Still new in West Malibu, Taylor gets by with a little help from her new friends, who spend most of their time hanging out in her mother's cafe', Surf's Up, pondering their lives, their parents, boys, arch-enemies, popularity and what the future holds. The gang includes Miki *Taylor's boyfriend*; a conspiracy theorist who thinks Xerox will take over the world, Jamie McQ; the girl all the guys want including, Nick; a good-looking-guitarist but gullible guy who is now Jamie's official boyfriend, Gisele Versace; who forces her friends to be the model for her designs, even Ryan McFinn; Gisele's rebelious boyfriend and Alexa Levine; Taylor's neighbour who's been suffering surfcoholic since forever!
Taylor Quote:
In Surf's Up: (Ryan and Gisele are watching T.V on the couch. Jamie, Taylor and Alex enters
behind them from Hyde's room.)
Alex: Alright! Gisele traded in Ryan for a hot brunette!
(Ryan turns around and gives Alex a smirk. Alex is surprised and backs away)
Taylor: (Scared) Oh, Crap!...She looks exactly like Ryan!
Jamie: That is Ryan, you ding-dong! Only now he let's Versace do that "thing" she's been trying.
Rafaela: Taylor, honey. (Knocks) Taylor, are you in the bathroom?
Taylor: Yes.
Rafaela: Well, get off because---
Taylor: Mom, when the door is closed, it's my sacred alone time, ok?
Jamie: For the first time in my life, I have like no boy drama...
Taylor: Wait that is not possible, you are a magnet for boy drama!
Taylor: What? But no, but Alex said... (Realises and turns to looks at Alex.) Oh you magnificent bastard!
Alex: Sorry buddy. By the way it's pronounced bas-TARD.
Taylor: Miki, why can't you just say that Jamie's not hot? It's common relationship courtesy. If you can't do this, what will you do when I'm old, and ask you if I have crow's feet around my eyes?
Miki: By the way, that's already starting. (Taylor looks horrified and runs out of the room. Nick & Ryan look at him like he's stupid.)
Taylor: We all decided to go braless the whole week right? I just wanna report that operation bazooma bounce is driving the boys insane. (The girls clap)

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Alexis Bledel-Gisele Versace
About Gisele':
Gisele' lives in West Malibu Upper East Side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives. Gisele' Versace is the so-called toast of adolescence in her world, she and her bestfriend, Alex, attend West Malibu High and fancy parties with her rich parents. That's right... Gisele' and Alex are two different person, financially, spiritually, physically, mentally and whatever you can think of! Gisele' is envied by nearly everybody in school because she is thought to have the perfect life, she's a Versace! Anyone would die to become a Versace, one of the heir to the Versace Fashion Empire! Everybody knew Gisele' can make a million when she's only 18... Since she's a Versace, Gisele' was born to design clothes. Ever since she was a baby, she use to put glitters on her dypers.
Gisele Quote: "You so have to get this..." & "You were born to wear this!"
(Gisele walks up to her boyfriend...)
Gisee: Are you shopping for girlfriends in the quad, again Ryan? *give a quick kiss with Ryan*
At the same time:
Jules: Yeah
Ryan: Of course not!
Gisele: (laughs) Classy and (shakes her head) not remotely demeaning...
Ryan: Uh (points) Gisele Jules, Jules Gisele
Jules: Ooohhh, so she's the famous Versace right???
(Gisele desperately wants to change the topic)
Gisele: So how does this work, is there a ranking system or is each girl judged on her individual merits, and by merits I mean her boobs and or ass
Ryan: It’s a simple yes no survey
Jules: Yes, no, survey
Gisele: I see, well in that case (looks at Jules) no... (looks at Ryan) and yyyeeeeaaaaa no!(Ryan nods) I'll see you in class (walks away) (Ryan smiles and waves)
Ryan: (He runs to her drawers and pulls out a handful of her panties. Gisele tries to grab them from him.) Admit you love me, and I'll return your underpants to safety.
Gisele: *Reaching for her underpants* Taylor, a little help?!
Taylor: Ryan, aren't you a little old to be stealing Gisele's undies?
Ryan: A collector never stops collecting, Taylor.
Gisele: Fine, I love you! I do, I love you so much Ryan McFinn! Now will you put my underwear back you perv?
Ryan: I lied. (He runs out the door with Gisele's underwear and she chases him.)

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Ashlee Simpson-Alexa Levine
About Alex:
Nothing gets between Alexa Lynn and her surfboard. She lives in a beach shack *well, kinda* with her BIG HAPPY FAMILY, worried parents, an annoying girly sis, *she's tomboy right...*, and 3 v. annoying little brothers. She is up before dawn every morning to conquer the waves, infact she prefers catching some 'tubes' before going to school, 30 minutes late!
Alex Quote: "Later dudes," & "Fuck em'!" & everybody's all-time-favourite, "You have to understand. West Malibu waves are the most dangerous waves on the planet. Out here, you don't just get crushed... you die." *on scaring her new friends, Jamie & Taylor* also...
Alex's dad: Alex, when are you moving out?
Alex: Soon.
Alex's dad: How's your boyfriend?
Alex: Shallow as hell.
Alex's dad: Job?
Alex: Dead end.
Alex's dad: Future?
Aex: Bleak.
Alex's dad: Brit, feed your daughter...
Taylor: Alright, did anyone find anything?
Alex: I found a pair of my sister's panties. I knew they were hers because they had her name and phone number in 'em.
Jamie: Girl's gotta advertise.
Alex: I can't believe we have a library.
Taylor: I know, what is it like invisible?
Alex: I want you to get in your car, buy some flowers, give them to Gisele, and thank God an actual live woman lets you touch her.
Eric: Yes ma'am. (leaves.)